Know us

Ondanáutica is a company focused in the diverse recreational boating activities, from commercialization of boats, engines and nautical accessories to the service and maintenance of the boats. Our company also retails original parts and accessories to other services in the same industry.

Our facilities are located at Complexo de Estaleiros Navais in Parchal – Lagoa since the foundation in 1996. Our Work is developed trough the human and technical resources needed to undertake every type of services in vessels with any dimension.

One of the biggest advantages of our facilities is being really close to two travel lifts (the smallest with a capacity to lift/lower boats of 50 tons and 6 meters width and another with a maximum capacity of 300 tons and till 9 meters width). This last travel lift is the biggest in weight and dimension operating in Portugal.

Since the beginning of our activity, we always centred our efforts in the differentiation from other competitors through quality and excellence in the service we present, our support is found on a strong technical component resulted from the continued investment in training and in a strong team with technical know-how needed to perform an excellence service.

The work developed by Ondanáutica over the years reaped the fruits and attract the interest of major brands operating in the sector, for example our representations of Yanmar, Volvo Penta, Mercury/Mercruiser, Cummins, etc.

The commercial bond between Ondanáutica and the suppliers result in a strong symbiosis with the factories and the maintenance services, reinforcing even more our technical credentials.

Nowadays we continue with the same enthusiasm and philosophy, adding the maturity and experience gained working in the industry over the years, but always diversifying the service provided.

The feedback from our clients is the ultimate key factor to constantly improve the quality of our service.

Please come visit us and be shore we will receive you with a friendly and well informed team!