Safety and documentation

Safety boating and according the law imply costs and time spent with the legal departments that regulate the recreational nautical in our country.  All the legal demands, taxes, licenses, inspections, safety equipments updating, etc., end up by causing loads of preoccupations and consume time and energy to the boat owners.

Therefore we have created a service to free you from these legal obligations inherent to owning a boat in Portugal; we offer the possibility to handle the issues with the maritime authorities (Capitania and IPTM):

• Preparing the boat for the inspections (general inspection and verification of the functioning of the equipments)

• Support during the inspection on land and at sea, either for maintenance or for changing registration.

• Commercialization of safety equipments and service (fire extinguishers, life rafts, EPIRBS, automatic life jackets, etc)

• Safety equipments updating

• First aid kits

• Updating documentation

Avoid waiting in lines and enjoy your boat as should be in the sea, leaf the bureaucracy with us.