Ondanáutica always looked for involving and contribute to the surrounding community. The culture of values like justice, ethic, altruism, camaraderie and honesty have always been valorized and fomented within the possibilities of our little company.

The way we have found to support our community has been sponsoring and other supports, to institutions and initiatives of social work, we list the following for example:

• Vela Solidária ( Solidarity Saling) – allow the most unfortunates the contact with the sea and sailing.

• Ondanáutica Sailing team - support young sailors to compete and showing them the fighting spirit to reach goals.

• Clube Naval de Portimão (Naval Club of Portimão) – Contribute with the local clube helping with the projects and initiatives.

• Judo Clube de Portimão ( Judo Club of Portimão) – promote and suport the practice of sport next to the younger layers.

• Escola EB 2/3 Rio Arade (Local School) – field trip to our facilities to show the younger how to protect the environment recycling finishing with a memorial day at sea.

• Triathlon section in the O2 Association at Portimão.